No Mr.Kasparov, You’re Wrong About Bernie and Socialism

It’s a poorly thought out case against Bernie and i don’t have to necessarily agree with a chess genius on the intricacies of socialism and economics.

When he says” while inequality is a huge problem, the best way to increase everyone’s share of pie is to make the pie bigger, not to dismantle the bakery” he falls prey to the same myth that Republicans have been perpetuating since ages. This idea that when overall economic development of the nation increases, it necessarily benefits those at the bottom is bollocks. As Bernie points out again and again, almost all new income in US over the last decade has gone to those at the top, the pie is increasing but so is the share of wealth of the 1% at the top. The solution to a system which produces a situation where the 400 richest people own as much wealth as 50 goddamn percent of the population cannot be “Oh well, Capitalism is unfair – it has winners and losers”.

He spews the same bullshit sprinkling of words ” American spirit of innovation and progress ” and tries to paint a picture where USA is unique in its culture and demographics and hence cannot sustain socialism, its extremely reminiscent of what Republicans say all the time about why we govt needs to be as small as possible, people need freedom blah blah. Here the global innovation index clearly shows how nations like Sweden ( Democratic Socialism alert ) and UK lead USA in world innovation and nations like Denmark , Netherlands of Scandinavia too follow just behind.…/data-analysis/

I don’t even know whats the point of talking about USSR, a communist country in this context, i guess it grabs headlines to compare a democratic socialist with those who ran a failed authoritarian regime. Democratic Socialism is as different from communism as Amar Khan is from KRK.He clearly doesn’t understand Bernie’s agenda when he draws parallels with Venezuela and says State ownership of resources makes the govt ” too big to succeed “. Sanders has repeatedly pointed out he wants the public sector to expanded only in key sectors like Health Care and Social Security. Its not like he is calling for the abolition of free market, merely the presence of an enlarged public sector to provide the basic necessities of life which every human being has a right to. People of wealth and privilege are of course okay with a system which rigs the economy and is unfair because they are the ones at the top. They have the luxury of having won the lottery of life and now they can preach to the lower classes of how they “deserve” their win over their “failures”.